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Do I need to wash arte* packaged salads?

All arte* salads are already thoroughly washed, carefully prepared and ready to eat! How convenient! A little re-washing of our salads wouldn’t ruin the taste. However, if you choose to re-wash our salads, it is important to use food-safe and sanitary washing and drying conditions in order to reduce the potential for cross-contamination.

Do your arte* salads contain preservatives?

Our fresh, pre-cut packaged vegetables maintain their crunch without the use of additives or preservatives. Our packaging is made to keep our products as fresh and flavourful as possible. Some dressings may contain stabilizers and preservatives to maintain their shelf life.

What’s the best way to store arte* salads?

Our packaging is designed to maintain peak freshness, but keeping them cool – ideally 1-4 celsius – is important. Take your salads home promptly and store them upright in your refrigerator for the best results!

How do I order your salads wholesale? 

To make sure we can provide you with the best information possible, please email and let’s go from there! Thanks for reaching out. 

Do you distribute to the United States?

Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet but please kindly visit our store locator to keep up to date and find us near you!

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